Rent a car in Kazakhstan

Our company provides rental cars of executive and economy class, which will allow you to choose the car that meets your requirements. The company also monitors the technical condition of its vehicles.

Affordable and reliable car rental in Astana and Almaty

Our active time requires frequent travel, accuracy and speed of movement, as well as timeliness. Rent a car in Astana - is in demand not only among local citizens, but also for newcomers. It is also relevant and often necessary to service the car rental in Almaty. After all, these are two large cities in Kazakhstan, where life is very active, dynamic and multifaceted. Sometimes the cost of delay can be quite high. Speed ??and comfort of movement - a guarantee of competitiveness and success. It is important not only for local residents. Transportation services are very actual for newcomers with travel, recreation, or business visits.

Do you need the "car rental Almaty" service at a decent level at an affordable price? Or is the query on the Internet "rent a car Astana" interesting? Our company offers a complex of quality transport services on a large scale, for any needs of the opportunity. We have a worthy experience in this industry, therefore we are ready to realize at your highest level any of your wishes regarding transport and movement. Our numerous fleet of vehicles and professional staff contribute to this.

The range of transport services provided

Our team takes into account all the needs of modern society regarding movement, its speed and comfort. We take into account all the needs of clients, their desires and financial possibilities. To implement at a decent level of its work, we are constantly improving and updating our fleet.

Our company offers its customers such opportunities:

  • Reservation and timely rental of cars in Astana and Almaty
  • Transportation of passengers of a group or individual character
  • Car rent by the day or hourly
  • Delivery of transport to any place in the city at the required time;
  • Rent a car without a driver or with a personal driver
  • Transfer of customers from / to the railway station, as well as from / to the airport
  • Organization of transport for events, corporate trips
  • Car rental in Almaty and Astana for excursion trips
  • Meeting and comfortable passenger transportation of delegations
  • Car rental in Astana and other areas for reliable delivery of goods, various cargoes

Our organization has a huge car fleet, which includes cars of economy, middle and premium class. There are cars of various world manufacturers. Find the right vehicle for a particular purpose will not be difficult. Even the most demanding customer will be satisfied with the result. You can rent a car without a driver, as well as with the services of a personal highly skilled driver.

Benefits and benefits of cooperation

Need a car for rent in Almaty? Then you have come to the right place. The team of our experienced and competent specialists with pleasure realizes any of your order at a decent level.

The positive moments of ordering transport services with us:

  • A large selection of different vehicles for every taste and purse;
  • Guaranteed quality of the work performed
  • Competent drivers with a decent work experience
  • Possibility to book a car rental without a driver
  • Continuous vehicle inspection, timely maintenance,
  • Execution of all orders on time, without delays and complications
  • Execution of different orders taking into account all requirements with an individual approach
  • If necessary, a different set of cars (navigator, trailer, child seat, etc.)
  • Loyal and flexible costs, depending on the complexity of the order and the preferred brand of car
  • Having a pleasant discount system for regular customers.

All the above mentioned advantages with make our cooperation with you mutually beneficial and enjoyable. Thanks to our work, the Almaty car rental service is becoming more accessible for a broadly clientele. All of our employees are professionals in their field, who are constantly improving. Their work is distinguished not only by professionalism, but also by competence and courtesy. We are always happy to help and answer your questions.

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For car rental, demand is growing every day, with the popularity of both medium and economy class cars, and the highest level.


Already today, the market of Kazakhstan's services in this area has almost reached the recognized international standards.


Car rental in Almaty together with us is not only a car rental, we provide services for transfer of guests from anywhere in the city. The minimum package of documents.


All orders our company carries out only on time, without delays and unforeseen situations.

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Cars at the box office

We provide you with a list of services such as: rental and car rental with both Driver and Driver. Full range of transport services. The range of services includes passenger transportation, servicing of delegations, meeting guests.

Toyota Camry 70

The daily cost (24 hours): 45000KZT tg. Security deposit: 60000 tg. Color: White or….

Mercedes Benz S550

Rental price per day 45000KZT tenge Pawn 80000 KZT Get in Mercedes Benz S550….

Chevrolet Cruze

Daily Value (24 hours): 15000KZT n. Security deposit: 30000 n. Features of your vehicle….

Toyota Fortuner

Rental price per day 25,000KZT tenge Pawn 50,000 tenge to take in rental Toyota….

Land Cruiser 200

The daily cost (24 hours): 45000KZT tg. Security deposit: 80000 n. Features of your….

Toyota Camry 45

Daily Value (24 hours): 15000KZT n. Security deposit: 30000 n. Features of your vehicle….

Mercedes E 6.3 AMG

Rental price per day 25,000KZT tenge Pawn 50,000 tenge Take in Mercedes E 6.3….

Gelendwagen AMG 5.5

Rental price per day 45000 tengeKZT Pawn 80000 tenge hire Quick Search a the….

Toyota Camry 50

Cost per day rental 20000KZT tenge Pawn 50,000 tenge hire a Toyota Camry sedan….

Toyota Fortuner

The daily cost (24 hours): 25,000KZT tenge. Security deposit: 50000 n. Features of your….

About company "Ak Jol"

AKGOL company - an individual approach to each client, flexible system of discounts, a large selection of additional options and car rental in Almaty with delivery anywhere in the city at any time convenient for you. OUR OFFICE Almaty, ul. Zhibek-Zholy 64 corner st. Valikhanov Floor - 6, office - 613 +7 (727) 391-25-99 +7 (727) 266-26-34 +77052220091

Our clients

Every day we raise our competence and professionalism, the requirements to the quality of the services offered are invariably growing. We always find a personal approach, we take into account the wishes and interests of our customers. Thanks to this, car rental becomes more and more convenient and accessible service for everyone.

Price policy

Rent a car in our company allows you to always feel confident and comfortable. This can be achieved due to the ideal condition and cleanliness of each machine, as well as due to the strictest technical control and maintenance. With our cars, you will not have to face problems and breakdowns on the road. Prices vary from the period and the number of cars.

Simple sentence

24 h

from 8000т 1 сутки
A good budget

3 days

from - 10 % sums
Maximum savings


from 15 % sums

Frequently asked Questions

What does the car rental offer include?

Each rental company has its own lease terms. All the additional options included in the rental price, in each individual case may be different.

What documents do I need to receive a car?

When you receive a rental car, you must show: a passport, a credit card, a voucher, a regular driver's license and an international driving license. All these documents must be registered with the main driver.

Can I use a plastic card issued for another person to pay for rent?

No, you can not pay for renting a car with a plastic card issued for another person. Pay attention to the fact that the card on which the deposit will be blocked, as well as the card that will be paid for car rental, must be registered in the name of the main driver.

Is the collateral blocked when renting a car?

Yes, when you receive a car on the credit card of the main driver, the deposit is blocked according to international rules.

I want to rent a car outside of working hours - is this possible?

You can get your rental car at any time, but you will have to pay this service according to the rates of the rental company.

Can I use the delivery service of a rental car, say, to a hotel?

In case you have ordered the delivery of your car to the hotel in advance and given the address, it is possible. All of your wishes for rent can be indicated in the "Comments" box when booking a car.

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